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What's important to you?“Silverstone manage my fleet, they save me time and unwanted stress! They just get on with it!” Martin Brown, Director - Radisson Brown PLC

Massive cost savings every year!“ODO provides a dashboard containing a complete oversight of my fleet with rich analytics, so I can make better decisions and save time and money” Amanda Smith, Partner - Open Space Ltd

We have the answer to your fleet.

Have you ever had that situation where a car is due to go back but you thought the contract was 3 years not 2? 

You can't find that spreadsheet with all the information, or you have lost track on the mileage and now that car is over mileage with an imminent charge for excess miles?

At Silverstone, we can take away ALL the stress on looking after your fleet, as if, we were your very own fleet manager. 

The time it takes to check mileages, book cars in for repairs and servicing, the list goes on. We take care of it all. 

Lets say you have a new member of the team, you need a car quickly, or one of your drivers has just had a breakdown and you are trying to find who to call, all this takes a lot of time, time you do not want to waste. 

We can not only supply your business vehicles using our panel of funding providers, but we will ensure you have market leading data on your current fleet 24/7, from booking cars in for maintenance, arranging accident assistance and vital monthly reports on how your fleet is growing. We're here for you.

Did you know?

If an employee is driving a vehicle for business purposes whether company-owned or driver-owned (grey fleet), the employer has responsibility for their safety and legal compliance.

Worrying failings in senior management knowledge and actions

  • 60% of leaders didn’t know size of grey fleet
  • 53% thought it wasn’t their responsibility
  • 34% of grey fleet drivers had never had their driving licence checked
  • 33% didn’t have cover for business journeys on their car insurance
  • 74% of drivers don’t do proper vehicle and tyre checks

Why Fleet Management?

  1. Compliance - It's essential to run your fleet management that is fully aligned to current vehicle & driver legislation and ODO provides that. 
  2. Cost Control - By clearly managing all areas of your fleet expenditure, you have more control and a greater ability to remove unnecessary costs.
  3. Fleet Administration - Taking some of the leg work out of administration through automation, proactive reminders and better data clarity.

ODO On the Go

ODO is easy to use vehicle management software with a mobile interface and telematics inside. It runs in the Oracle cloud, meaning businesses can manage their fleet and their drivers on the go, using any kind of device.

What are the main features?

What are the main benefits?

  • Vehicle Procurement
  • Leasing & Finance
  • Template Policy Documents
  • Fixed Cost Vehicle Maintenance
  • Pay on Use Vehicle Maintenance
  • UK and European Breakdown
  • Glass Management
  • FREE Accident Assistance
  • Business Daily Rental
  • Short-Term Leasing
  • Online Risk Assessments
  • Driver Training
  • Fleet Consultancy
  • Central Management for all Business Vehicles and Grey Fleet
  • 24-7-365 Driver Helpline
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Expert Advice
  • Interest Free Business Account
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Professional Cost Control
  • Access to Discounted Labour /Parts
  • UK Nationwide Coverage
  • Pre-Vetted / Approved Network
  • Your Virtual Fleet Manager
  • Multi-Award Winning Service

We're here for you. 

It's time to optimise your fleet 

Peace of Mind

Lower Fleet Costs

More Time

• Stay compliant across drivers and vehicles giving you less to worry about!

• Deliver on your duty of care (Driver health & safety / Skillsets / Mental health etc)

• Be confident that any Fraudulent activity is identified

• Avoid end of lease surprises

• Reduce fuel costs

• Lower maintenance costs

• Lower insurance

• Reduce down time

• Easy to use App empowers drivers to self-serve and manage vehicles efficiently

• Automation and proactive prompts identify and prioritise issue enabling you to take action quickly

• Enjoy the flexibility of alternative mobility solutions


Choose the right package for your fleet





*per month, per vehicle

*per month, per vehicle


Customer owned / leased car fleet overview and reporting

Automated licence checking

Mobile driver app with inspections

Accident Management

All features from previous plan

Accident management enhanced


* Telematics - Pulse plug-in device £25 hardware (one-off charge per vehicle)

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